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Supakako -Taking the Village, to the World!

The life of a village depends on the strength of its families

Supakako started out as a way to help our family in Leauvaa, a small village in Samoa. Many of our young people had very little education and it didn’t help with a shortage of work opportunities. Most had turned to alcohol and drugs to spend their time. We were fortunate to convince the leaders to give farming a try. With the support of the big farmers and Supermarkets in Samoa, we were able to secure some full time work learning some valuable farming experience and other opportunities along the way.

With the advice of some key business people we have started exporting some of our produce (taro, bananas, breadfruit) and raw materials overseas, primarily NZ, where our products such as Coconut Oil is used as a base to make cosmetic goods.

Since we started, we now have created jobs for over 70 farmers spread over 6 Villages (Supakako Farmas), over 40 Taxis in Vaitele Village, recently launched Supakako Records, a recording studio for aspiring musicians, and a delivery service in Auckland NZ.

You can find some of these products on our website www.supakako.com
Every purchase improves our lively hoods creating more opportunities for the future.

When our friends from neighboring villages saw our success, they reach out to us to help them also. We are now expanding our work to our neighbors and also villages from other Pacific Islands eg Tonga, Niue, Fiji.

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Some of our work in the villages

Supakako Farmas

Led by Sala Tovia from the villages of Leauvaa & Fasito’otai

I Love Samoa - Supakako Taxis

Led by Tuala Siuta Mase & Fetu Paleti from the villages of Leauvaa & Vaitele

Supakako Records

Led by Tevaga Mark Tominiko & Nanai To’a Toomata from the villages of Leauvaa & Vaitele

Supakako Delivery

Led by Tuala Tagaloa Tusani from the villages of Leauvaa, Levi Saleimoa, Lefaga, Faleatiu, Samalaeulu, Puapua, Lano & Safune.