Put food on the table isn’t just a statement it’s a philosophy that envelops the entire process of
providing for yourself and your family.


We enable the people we work with to put food on the table, both in Aotearoa and the Pacific. Supakako is a food import company which brings produce from the Pacific to be proudly sold in New Zealand.

When you consider that New Zealand exports $106 million worth of goods to Samoa last year, but Samoa only sends $7 million to New Zealand, you begin to understand why our simple service is so important. We’re a business, not a charity. But at every stage of our supply chain we’ve found ways to help.

Expanding Samoa’s (Tonga, Niue, Vanuatu coming soon) exports means more to us than moving produce. We focus on generating opportunities at both ends for people to thrive; many families can now further their education, pay their medical fees and cover their living expenses.

The people we work with become far more self-reliant and less dependent on overseas assistance, making life much easier for them and their relatives. We want to build on this momentum. Auckland has more Pacific Island people than any other city in the world, it’s also our base, so it’s only right that we aim to make things better for those who are struggling here too.

Our Vison

Learn, to help ourselves

Our emblem is a donkey: Just like us, donkeys don’t say too much, they don’t complain, they’re not flashy. They just get on with it.

Our dream

We want to alleviate the struggles people face to put food on the table.  

Supakako’s solution is to grow the market in NZ for Pacific products. Creating more financial stability for locals which in turn eases the financial pressure for overseas based families to provide for those back in the islands.

Supakako has created over 100 jobs to date; employing farmers, fishermen along with various shipping, distribution and retail roles. Our building of greenhouses further supports local farmers. Establishing a successful taxi service, Bakery are other Supakako employment initiatives.

Through employment, education, financial support and direct food assistance, we have made things a little easier. Supakako’s proceeds have made it possible for us to help in a multitude of ways ranging from paying school fees for over 100 children to assisting the elderly in the villages. 

A wise senior Samoa matai said, “E lelei le va’a e gau o folau nai loo le va’a e pala i lalo o le fau.” It literally means, better the canoe that breaks while sailing than the canoe rotting under the fau tree.

About the founder

Just like the people we are trying to reach, our founder Tuala Tagaloa Tamasese Tusani came from humble beginnings, where things were tough and where there was no guarantee you’ll have food on the table at the end of the day.

Tuala survived a suicide attempt at age 19, with a fractured skull, broken back and leg and spent 3 months in a wheel chair. He was also deported as an overstayer to Samoa, and was also very lucky to survive Covid 19 Delta hospitalised for a few weeks. These experiences have shaped his world view and his belief in living your best life through service to others.

Tuala has been a volunteer in south Auckland for more than 25 years and has connections to a multitude of community organisations and businesses which are also dedicated to this work.

“Stand Straight” is one of Tuala’s mottos; he believes that whatever life throws at you, you’ve got to put your shoulders back, stand straight, move forward and do the best you can. This motto is embedded in Supakako’s culture – Stand straight, there’s work to do.

Our programs

Buy Pacific Made

Buy Pacific Made is an awareness campaign to promote Pacific Made products and services. We are a group of entrepreneurs based in New Zealand with networks throughout the Pacific to promote and endorse Pacific products and services through marketing, sales, merchandising and distribution.

I Love Samoa - Supakako Taxis

Led by Fetu Paleti from the villages of Leauvaa & Vaitele

Supakako Boxing

Our boxing program is an opportunity for young men to learn discipline taught in a village setting.

Fruit is starting to show with the captain of our Team, Alai returning from China with much needed knowledge he can share with the rest of the group.


Proud Undadog, is a program developed by our Founder to help raise suicide awareness. Tuala has created a Hairwax called Undadog, proceeds from the sale helps to make magnets with the helpline numbers which we distribute free to school, homes, churches etc

Epis Chicken Libraries

This program was started by 11year old Epi to help build libraries for Primary Schools in Samoa.

We are grateful to have partnered with Fletcher Construction to help us build Libraries. Keep in touch for more updates.

Midnight Chicken

Midnight Chicken Show (11pm NZT) Sunday to Thursday, where we discuss topics such as (Grateful Sunday) (Manday Monday) (Financial Wellbeing Tuesday) (Womens Day Wednesday) & (Lets Hustle Thursday)

Supakako Linwood Rugby Team

Our team is led by inspirational leader Sui Pauaraisa, (Captain Manusina, former Warriors, Kiwi Fern)

Our involvement in the Marist Sevens is to not only give our NZ based player a cultural experience but also to grow the women’s game in Samoa and raise suicide awareness.

We are the 2019 & 2020 Marist 7s Women’s Champions.

Pacific Business Network

What is Pacific Business Network? Pacific Business Network is a social enterprise focused on growing communities through business. We invite you to be part of the PBN vision. Help us promote Pacific innovation, its people, its ideas and its businesses to the world. List your business with PBN and make it easier for customers to find you.

Join the movement?

Keen to support our work, grab yourself a Supakako tshirt ($50NZ) and help make a difference.

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