The Supakako Foundation is a humble, village focused, initiative designed to support the vulnerable and underprivileged in the villages. Supakako has been operational for a number of years in Samoa, it is an integral component of the Supakako Group of Companies based in New Zealand.

The Supakako Foundation is geared with an assiduous drive to further bolster its village programmes, particularly in these challenging and unprecedented times.

Coined as the Supakako Foundation, the Supakako Group in Samoa will engage in boosting self-reliance and holistic living through the production of agricultural produce. For Samoa, subsistence agriculture remains a stable source of livelihood across the country. The Supakako Foundation is designed to support the needs of the people through cultivating the land; this encourages self-reliance as consuming their produce removes the need to solely rely on imported food.


  1. Promote family with a collective communal approach to land cultivation – galulue feoeoea’i o se aiga.
  1. Foster resilience of communities in terms of food security and healthy living – soifuaga anagata e mafua i le mau o le eleele ma le soifua maloloina lelei.
  1. Develop practical ways to multiply seedlings and planting materials for villages – tua i le vao ola
  1. Enhance genuine partnerships whilst channelling assistance to the villages –faiga paaga faatuatuaina.
  1. Explore opportunities for locals to sell their agricultural products both locally and internationally – fefaatauaiga mautu



"Stand Straight!!"

Supakako Foundation

Led by Sala Tovia from the villages of Leauvaa & Fasito’otai.


A wise senior Samoa matai said, “E lelei le va’a e gau o folau nai loo le va’a e pala i lalo o le fau.” It literally means, better the canoe that breaks while sailing than the canoe rotting under the fau tree.